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Johnnie Moore

A determined detractor could be seen, in Improv terms, as making an offer. Scoble accepted. Scoble is really good at engaging the resistance.

Evelyn Rodriguez

I didn't read Hugh's banter as coming from a "detractor" - but more so from a "participator." Why bother to participate and engage with any company that you could care less about? It's rare that any company, any product has it all just "right" as it is, so providing feedback - whatever your style - is a sign that it's important enough to you to want to help improve it.

Alex Barnett

Hi James,

Robert Scoble has picked this post up.

Alex Barnett

Hi James,

Robert Scoble has picked this post up:



Yes, Scobles has the strong resonating "resistance" factor. He's an excellent Evangelist..he should have these qaulities else brand equity becomes tarnished..

As for Hugh drawing Scobles out, that Hugh's stregnths ..he can draw anyone out.. just look at this blogCards !! :)-

Collobration is converstations, markets are conversations, In fact the discouse between the parties is excellent !!! Albiet there are issues pereceived (by me).. as not food for thought.. thats just me !!

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