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August 30, 2005


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» Shop Talk from Our Social World Blog
Simon Phipps a Social World speaker will be appearing in the next edition of the BBC Radio4 programme Shop Talk due to be aired on Tuesday Sept. 6th at 4pm. Other speakers are James Cherkoff, Heather Platts, Adriana, Azeem Azhar and Tom MacMahon Th... [Read More]

» Blogging on the Radio from Simon Phipps, SunMink
If you're in the UK, you may be interested in listening to national Radio 4 at 4pm on Tuesday where the Shop Talk programme will be exploring "Business Blogging" (the programme will also be available online from Wednesday, for about a week). I had the p [Read More]

» BBC showcases blogging for corporates from Bazaarz
James Cherkoff, Heather Platts of the Soap Blog, Simon Phipps of Sun Microsystems, Azeem Azharand Adriana Cronin-Lukas were in the studio espousing the value of corporate blogging. There was a pre-recorded interview with Tom MacMahon (English Cut.) BBC... [Read More]

» The giant street market from NevOn
An email from James Cherkoff alerted me to yesterday's edition of Shop Talk, a weekly BBC Radio 4 business programme, in which he was one of the studio guests talking about blogs and blogging. Together with Adriana Cronin-Lukas of Big [Read More]

» 14 million blogs, 1.4 billion links between them from Alex Barnett blog
James Cherkoff pinged me and let me know of a BBC Radio 4 programme broadcast, Shop Talk, where he was... [Read More]


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