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Andrew Smart

It's just brilliant isn't it? The idea just grabs your imagination straight away in a kind of Willy-Wonkeresque way. (probably the first and last time I'll ever type that particular phrase) And I totally agree. This is one of the best examples I've seen where co-creativty comes into play.

James Cherkoff

Thanks Andrew, Willy-wonkeresque is a wonderful expression! ;-)

eaon pritchard

Doritos as a brand seem keen on co-creation as this is not a one-off. I'm sure they had a ugc competition for their superbowl tv ads in the usa, also? they appear to be walking the talk, as it were.

James Cherkoff

Hi Eaon, they do seem to be trying new things....little insight here...


M Bhave

True example of the effects of how VIRAL Marketing is on the net!! Its very classic in its simplicity of leaving "the rest upto you".. Simply as it says YOU are so goddamned important for us now.. Wake up and do the rest.. NOW!
Warm regards,
M Bhave

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