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Bill Johnston

I love it!

I've been noodling a post about online community metrics for a week (still in draft), and the title of this post sums up my current sentiments.

If the main activity in your community isn't some version of "people helping people", you are, to paraphrase the title... screwed.

James Cherkoff

Thanks Bill, I'd love to see that post when it's done.


Steve Clayton just linked to an interesting report on online metrics. It's pretty much all about influence and ways of measuring such things. I thought you might find it interesting.

The conversation seems to have got sticky!


from: http://blogs.msdn.com/stevecla01/archive/2008/01/16/quantifying-the-impact-of-social-media.aspx

James Cherkoff

Great, thanks Sarah.

Daniel Mcgonagle

Thanks for the heads up! Love to see the post when its done :)

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