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Brian Massey

One more thing to add to your list. Blogs are ways of organizing and digesting information. I want to use blogs and other tools to organize information on a Website level. http://customerchaos.blogspot.com/2005/03/using-communities-to-organize.html.

I write about and build strategies around customer communities. True to your post, I found you by searching for "customer communities" on Technorati. You're now part of my "node of interest."

Robert Chiarito

Companies can and will have to blog and use podcasts to keep up with the times and their competition. I have set up a conference on this subject scheduled for Jan 30-31 in Atlanta. To see the agenda go to www.socialmedia2007.com and contact me to be considered as a speaker at our next event!

M Bhave

This should either open a lot of eyballs OR Shut a lot of mouths!! ot only is the info very comprehensive but the people who are endorsing here are also achievers and are talking about what can be achieved by getting on the blogosphere!! Very informative indeed!

M Bhave

M Bhave

More on the Can Corporates Blog.. It should be more like Should Corportes Blog... The corporate participation in blogging is probably under a scanner which has been built by themselves. I feel the reason for this is either they are getting very uppity about going on an open forum and addressing OR they are waiting to see WHO BITES THE BAIT FIRST.. seriously if they see a little beyond the fact that people blog talk the prime reason for him to blog is to garner attention to his thoughts / ideas and then to further sweep those thoughts into a mass movement of loke minded gens who will further snowball into a very huge community. Corporates should strike to such situations before they precipitate into mass movements.

Should Corporates participate...

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