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Bjoern Ognibeni

Are blogs really that easy ? Of course, they are easy to read, but also easy to write ?

I am currently working on several projects to introduce weblogs in companies with non-tech savvy employes. There blogging suddenly looks pretty complicated: with HTML coding, picture uploads, trackbacks & pings and the ubiquitous comment spam that drives everybody crazy...

I wish blogging would be as easy as writing a word document (hey, since when is ms word easy ? *g*). But imho it still has a long way to go to get there.

Did you make different experiences ?

James Cherkoff

Hi Bjoern, hey are easy at the intro level. However, at the top-end, they do offer lots of functionality which can take a while to get used to. It's just a question of introducing it to your clients one step at a time....whilst you oversee the more complicated aspects, until the staff are up and running.

Ty West

Bjoern, I'm using Squarespace.com to host my blog (www.merelyhuman.squarespace.com). IMHO, Squarespace represents the ideal blend of customizability options and ease-of-use.

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