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Denise Hickin

I live in Chelmsley Wood , Birmingham , Engaland.I would like to put in a complaint against the chelmsley wood branch.The customer care from the staff is appauling,the food is the lowest standard I have ever received from other branches,this is not a one off experience.I consumed 2 big mac meals with coke and orange juice,the coke was warm,flat it had no ice and the burger was cold and the cheese slice was hard around the edges as if it had been sitting there most of the day.The fries are never a full packet and are nine times out of ten cold and floppy.Luckily I work in the food industry and own an intermediate food and hygiene certificate so I do know what I am expecting in the quality of food I purchase also the temperatures they should be above and below.I do hope my complaint will be recognised and something is done to correct the standards noted.It is such ashame as I do visit your store on a regular basis and normally thourally enjoy your food,why cant the standards be the same as in birmingham city centre it is excellent there.

Denise Hickin

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