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That was an inspiration post.
little guy-1
corporation- 0

Holly Buchanan

I think blogs and other consumer generated media are bringing to the forefront what has been happening for years - unhappy customers who've had a bad experience and more importantly a bad experience with the lack of response to their problem - are spreading the word to everyone they know.

I specialize in marketing to women, and I'll tell ya - they've shared bad experiences since the beginning of time.

I had a client who owned an apartment complex that had had two fires in the last 4 years. They swore up and down that it was not a problem. why? Because the people for whom it was a problem simply didn't rent an apartment there. They company didn't hear complaints - so just assumed there were none.

The two differences now are - because of the blogosphere, you can spread the word faster and easier. AND since it's easier for the media to pick up on it, companies are forced to see the problem.

Companies may be afraid of negative word of mouth - but I think it's a win/win. Customers will force companies to be more accountable - Companies will hear the negative response and hopefully do something to address it.


Thanks for a great article.

Holly Buchanan


We are better off today than we were eight years ago

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