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Paul Goodison

Is this a bit like the conservative forces that slowed the move from the Dark Ages to the Enlightenment? Or maybe is it like thesis meeting anti-thesis leading to synthesis?

Marketing as a profession at least needs to have the debate, rather than taking Hatfield's Ostritch approach.

Stephen Newton

Hatfield's spot on. There is 'so much "emperor's new clothes" going on'. The laddish 'creative' he points to simply wouldn't cut it in any other medium.

The most recent post on Fastlane (http://fastlane.gmblogs.com/archives/2005/11/red_tag_with_a.html) isn't a rant, but an over long bore on the latest price promo. (Look in the comments to see that, apparently, GM takes no notice of blog feedback.)

And don't forget how corrupt many blogs are...

Johnnie Moore

I too look forward to more of Hatfield who does sound a bit reactionary. And I have to agree with Stephone Newton... the Fast Lane blog seems to have become very bland, with the hallmarks of careful PR editing. I just think it's dangerous to generalise about blogs, some are great and some certainly aren't.

Stephen Newton

I think Johnnie's hit it on the head. Just because you blog, doesn't mean your one of the good guys.

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