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Nicolas Zumino

I have a question about HD's strategy. Since the brand is HD's most valuable asset and that the motorcycle industry is getting crowded by the Hondas and the like, why not enter the yacht industry?
HD could use its most valuable asset and apply it to a relevant but different market. How do you recon a Harley-Davidson yacht would sell?

name  :  samir ramzy attia

dear sirs,


would like to know more about modern marketing strategies. also , if you have a power point and/or outlines , strategies , this will be helpfull.

many thanks in advance

sincerely yours
samir ramzy attia

name  :  samir ramzy attia

dear sirs,


would like more about " best practice " in marketing whether in outlines and/or power point , explanation

thanks /regard
samir ramzy attia

James Cherkoff

Hi Samir, sure just drop me a line at [email protected]...

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