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Gary B

I agree. I would add that there are a number of web 2.0 companies that have positioned themselves to provide just such a service.

For example, lawyers are using www.LawRex.com to exchange legal referrals with other lawyers. Using their service lawyers can take a client who they know but can't help, and send them directly to another lawyer who can. This service is very powerful primarily becuase it relies on the reputation of the person making the referral.

Referrals that come via these means are more certain than a mere legal lead or relying on a website that promises to "match legal" cases to attorneys or where clients "post cases."

Hopefully these social networking type of sites will continue to flourish, so that we all end up getting the best of both worlds (we find the right business/product and the business/product producer/seller can reduce their advertising expenses -- making the cost of the services/goods go down)...

Am I too overly optimistic?

Rob Mortimer

What products are people better positioned to talk about than those they use every week?!


good site

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