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I have to agree! It is just sad to realise that most people nowadays don't value privacy. The essence of secrecy is very important cause it is only something that makes us different among others.


i don't think it makes sense to raise a question about privacy unless your private information is given away without your agreement. therefore privacy in blogosphere is a non-existent term, to my mind.


To my mind privacy is really important, but the nowerdays situation of "Open prvacy" turns out to be a really interesting thing... WEB 2.0 frequently entered our life, hence i don' t think, that 2.5. mln people, who have strated blogging, will think about privacy, copyrights and the other things that follow blogging.... In my oppinion we just have to watch the process and to participate in it- as the future marketing, PR and media depend on Web 2.0....

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