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Thanks so much for this very informative post and for the link back to the original article. I completely agree with the idea that many businesses have become cut off from their customers. Your last point is right on the money, in my opinion!


Do you think the 'they're all nutters really' attitude is more prevalent this side of the Atlantic?

These kind of blogs just don't seem to have the same impact this side of the water as they do State-side.

James Cherkoff

Hi Nick, no I think the 'TANR'attitude can be found all over the place. There's a slightly strange disconnect for some companies - not all - where they struggle to see what relevance online chitter-chatter has to them and so just pigeon-hole it as 'bloggers'. In fact, those bloggers are likely to be some of their most passionate, knowledgable customers and also some of the most vocal. Engaging with them can be very rewarding...


I guess blogging is still quite new to lots of people and carries the techie/geeky stigma associated with internet/computer activity. That seems to be changing, albeit gradually...

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