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Dug Falby

James, this is so spot on! It's interesting to compare your take on this with Russell Davies'. I think you both agree on the social media principles, but he has a deep love and respect for great ad creative.

It's so difficult for agencies to move away from that love as they perceive their own work as being were the value is created:-)

I'd been keen to hear your take on the metrics of engagement. I've been trying to thrash this out these past few months with some of our clients and it's a beast.

Great work:-)


Thanks Dug. There's a great appetite among clients for a metric for social value - it's rapidly becoming THE issue. But the reality is that - today - there isn't one. My take is that the best way into it all is through a combination of experimenting and learning. Which eventually can mature into metrics. But there aren't any quick fixes. So there is a leap of faith at some point which needs to be managed very carefully. (Incidentally, many of these chats I have about this often lead to an agreement that the current metrics for other areas eg BARB aren't exactly faultless - they're just accepted.)

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