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Steve Bowbrick

I've always been suspicious of this data. It badly needs weighting - otherwise it's like the airline safety numbers: calculated by fatalities per trip or fatalities per passenger mile...

Anyway, since *every single* file sharing transaction is a multi-megabyte (or multi-gigabyte) deal and since emails and other communications transactions are teeny tiny (a few kilobytes usually - how big is a Twitter update?) I'd like to see the numbers recalculated on a per transaction basis. I think we'd see very different numbers. To be specific I think we'd see that the vast bulk of Internet traffic is what it's supposed to be: communication.

Also, since the price of bandwidth is doing the asymptotic thing I don't think we'll be worrying about the cost of individual transactions for very long - a txt message will cost roughly the same as a DVD image to transmit. This kind of worry will go away all together (I imagine people used to have similar concerns in the early days of electrical distribution: "the vast bulk of demand for current is electric fires and toasters. Something must be done!")

James Cherkoff

Thanks Steve, yes it's certainly a bit of a murky underworld but when I speak to people for whom downloading TV is the norm I start to wonder. And my highly unscientific research would suggest that those people are no longer just A-geeks. Downloading the whole of Twin Peaks takes 2 weeks *cough* apparently.

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