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Glenn Gow

Well said. The Niagra Falls analogy is dead on.

The question is: “What do you do with an infinite amount of data?”. We are fast approaching that. At the level of analyzing a massive amount of data, you can look for trends. Trend analysis can define the movement of a market which, if you’re able to move quickly enough, can enable you to make a lot of money as either a provider of new products and services, or (more likely) as a financial arbitrageur.

Another thing you can do is “plug in” and track the conversations that are most relevant, as you said. We don’t really care about all the things falling over Niagra Falls. Maybe we only care about the tree branches, or the fish, or the rocks, or the people in barrels. If we focus on those things most important to us and track them, we can deal effectively with data overload.

Then, in an eddy after the item of interest goes over the falls, we can jump in and get involved in that space. We can engage in conversations to learn more about what it was like and what should be different. The key is to focus on the specific information (not data) that you seek and learn from that, without getting overwhelmed with everything else.

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