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All above board?

One would imagine that 100% of it is below board. But since TV shows are so prominent, I expect a surprising amount is well above board. Legally, technically, I'm sure none of it is 'above board.' However, reasonably, morally, and in spirit, I'm sure a lot of it is.

A lot of people download TV shows before they air (they are going to air anyway) or after they air (they already aired but they missed them). The torrent shows may be missing ads, but their DVRs would have enabled that anyway. People download shows from other countries (as there is no global TV and people are far more mobile than media). Documentaries seem particularly hot, as docs are more valuable when one can search by topic. And independent docs are generally seem pretty hot properties on the internet. (Try http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/7522 ) People are also downloading shows that are not airing anywhere and unavailable in any format. So a lot of sharing is very reasonable. A stopgap until big media gets it's act together, perhaps.

The Bittorrent stats should indicate a lot of what is wrong with big media. It could at least be about big media vs. the public. Instead, it will simply be reduced to big media vs. pirates, and complaints about kids today and all they want is free stuff... Let's start suing everyone... Let's change nothing... let's not even deliver a decent product anymore as we now have an excuse for everything...

James Cherkoff

Thanks Brad, that pretty much says it all. Great stuff.

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