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Roland Harwood

process first, product second :)

...or a slightly different take on same concept: first who, then what (which I think is from Jim Collins' book Good to Great).

The whole thing with more open collaboration mean the filters need to be sharper and better than ever. We are trying to learn through Nesta Connect what constitutes a good filter but mass peer review is definitely a big part of it. Currently reading a book called that is very relevant called 'The Difference' by Scott Page which is all about how diversity of thinking, experience, cultures etc creates better groups, organisations and societies - and refreshingly (though it is a little heavy going at times) it is very well researched and logically argued.

Glad you enjoyed the Nesta events and good to meet you properly at last. You might be interested in our Howard Rheingold/Mark Earls event in September on the 11th.

James Cherkoff

Thanks Roland, I really enjoyed both events last week. See you on the 12th!

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