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Sam Michel

And thanks for being on the panel James, it was great to have your insight. I thought it was illuminating how few people in the room were aware of the Kathy Sierra incident despite the high-profile coverage. There's definitely scope for a bunch more panels looking into the issues raised around this topic. I'd love to ge into the issues of identity and reputation for brands and marketers. Seems like the rules are changing, again, especially as masquearding as someone else looks like it's legally off-limits http://mbites.com/2007/06/20/its_all_over_for_the_astroturfers , at least in the UK.

James Cherkoff

Thanks Sam, it was a good evening. Mike's post about the legal change certainly feels like a change in the tides.

eaon pritchard

As a footnote to the Kathy Sierra saga - yes, it was surprising that so few were aware of the incident,
but more so because the vast majority of the audience held up there hands as participants in one or more of the popular social media and 'in' the conversations - rather than the fact that it broke over traditional media. Enjoyed the evening,

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