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I think the part of the problem with SL is that most of marketers use the traditional media logic and see SL as another shopping window. There is lots of geek and research potential in SL but it's being partialy destroyed by traditional thinking. We can see the something new happens but we haven't developed the new mindset yet.

James Cherkoff

Thanks Daria, yes I agree, the point is well made on the SLLA blog: "The SLLA was the most successful at highlighting the inherent contradiction that exists in virtual environments where the users create all the content but have no rights regarding the direction the space takes."


I think the biggest problem stems, not only from marketing departments quite literally not knowing what they've got themselves into, but failing to integrate it into other marketing activities.

Second Life has to be conceived as another node in the network in any online strategy a company wishes to pursue, not as a simulation of real life. For brands to succeed they need to remember that old media pulls people into new media. Look at the success of Secondfest setup by The Guardian and Intel. They had 150,000 uniques I believe, they also had a wrap around cover on The Guide weekend supplement and a centre spread inside!

James Cherkoff

Thanks Nick, it's certainly true that the marketing mix is better when it mixes, but I think it's early days for SL.


Agreed! But I think it's down to some intelligent marketing departments to engage with Second Life in a more substantial way in order to move it from its current status to something more valuable and, dare I say, more mainstream.

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