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Graham Hill


Great post.

I think the problem is that 'real brands' have always existed in the senses, feelings and minds of consumers, not those of marketers.

In the past this wasn't so critical as the ad industry controlled much of the to the consumer communications. But the open sauce (pun intended) world we live in today has changed much of that.

Today, consumers with their socially networked opinions (both on and off-line) are increasingly as important as, if not more important than, the ad industry. The tragedy of the advertising commons has only made this shift more inevitable.

Let's see how the ad industry's attempts to 'control' social marketing through, e.g. paid viral marketing, pan out over time.

Graham Hill
Independent CRM Consultant
Interim CRM manager

eaon pritchard

great post, one of your finest. can't wait for the book if this is anthing to go by.
even if i didn't agree (and i do) who could resist being swayed by the fire and passion ;)

James Cherkoff

Thanks chaps, it's been brewing for a while!

James Governor

very effective use of the cathedral bazaar loudhailer soapbox oppositions. Now we just need more open eyes to help make the bugs shallow.

James Cherkoff

Thanks James, well spotted and well said...

Sivaraman Swaminathan

Nice. Thought Provoking.

Whenever, I read 'business-led by' or 'engineered around' pure advertising models, I have always not felt quite sure about their future. Consumers no more would want to be "Advertised at". It's not about "messaging" but about "engaging". The forms and methods have to evolve and change. We are going to see a lot of changes.

Justin Anderson

We just had a meeting with a client and used very similiar anologies to this new age of marketing where the consumer is in charge.

Great stuff!

James Cherkoff

Hi Justin, glad you found it helpful.

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