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Neville Hobson

You have a *pink* scrolling display? I thought they only came in blue, as per the pic you have.

I get the same reactions from everyone I show the phone to re that display. It's cool! Haven't let anyone else play with mine yet, though :)

Wondering what/how O2 will do on Cocoon positioning if speculation is true that O2 will be the iPhone partner in the UK. What are your thoughts, James?

Steve cater

Hi James,

I'm working alongside Peter at VCCP. We thought this post was so 'spot on' we posted it on to our Cocoon Blog. ( http://www.o2cocoonblog.co.uk )

I hope this is ok, if there is any problem myself or Peter would be more than happy to remove it should you so wish.

I completely agree with your opinions on the manual, it comes across very badly in my opinion. I think this is one of the key negative points. However, some of my friends wouldn't touch the manual after opening the box... in this age of tech savvy consumers and a supposedly 'greener' society, should mobiles come with manuals in a hard copy?

Look forward to hearing some more of your views. I've had mine for a few weeks now and after my initial excitement, it seems to fit my day to day needs as a phone. I hope the next generation o2 phones continue in the same direction.

Will you be getting the iPhone upon its arrival?

Thanks again.

James Cherkoff

Ah interesting that you both automatically alight upon the Apple question. I think Cocoon will have to do what all competitors do when sucked into the Steve Jobs RealityDistortionField...whatever he wants them to!

Steve Cater

iPhone on the brain I guess: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7000370.stm

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