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A long time ago I wrote a blog post giving up on advertising. I made the point that with all the interactive services available it seemed odd that I was still being served adverts that annoyed me intensly, and not those that might actually be relevent to me.

I would have been happy to give enough information for someone to determine my preferences if it meant less spam.

Now it is finally happening and I think it is about time to be honest.

James Cherkoff

Thanks Andrew, when you put it like that it all sounds so obvious! ;-)

Jonathan Taylor

Whilst I was in Bulgaria again this summer, as usual I failed to find a shop selling Marmite! My heart was broken and the fantasies soon took over, I am just a mere mortal!

I, having consumed considerable amounts of very cheap poor larger beer and after many hilarious fits of associated laughter and imagining a 'Marmite Jar' smiling down on me from the shelf above, wrote 'The Marmite Song' (AKA Your Smile Gave You Away) I've attached an MP3 for you.

Why don't you put it on your web site to celebrate our mutual love of our best friend Marmite?

Many thanks, Jonathan.

(I have no connections with the manufacturer - just a real fan)

James Cherkoff

Hi Jonathan, I can't find the attached song...

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