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steve cater

as companies embrace using onling exclusives (e.g. skins hidden exclusives and jackass 2.5), do you feel this is easily something which will be embraced by their target audiences or do you think it will annoy?

John Calkins

Technology has changed the music industry and the giant superstar. Now the garage bands can become popular. Just like blogging, someone with the time can network anyone or thing into notoriety. http://hotcookies.net

James Cherkoff

Thanks Steve, I'm interested, why do you think it would annoy them?

Thanks John, Network Notoriety....like it! ;-)

speed yo

That's really will be a big change with whom have better ideas, creativity and innovative. The power of creation will actually build a huge attraction on not only the networking, it will also build a strong dream machine like Google. Which have create million of new business ideas.

eaon pritchard

yes, but surely the underground has always sought out alternative means of distribution etc? ie fanzines (xerox was as early enabler for self publishing), indie labels and shops (Rough Trade, The Cartel etc).or just selling out of the back of a van.
For EMI and Sony substitute the equally corporate monoliths Fox (myspace), Microsoft (facebook?) or whatever
-(meet the new boss, same as the old boss?)

James Cherkoff

Thanks Eaon. Indeed the underground has always found its own way to work outside of the system. But while the back of a lorry path only ever took you so far, the open web offers unlimited geography with no MOT! I am not suggesting that this corporate free zone will exist forever but right now there's a wonderful window for talent to exploit. Maybe MySpace et al will create new institutions but maybe not. I think the new markets that appear will be much more radical Etsy-esque innovations.

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