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Marc Bresseel

I try to keep my blog pretty professionally oriented - but once in a while I comment on my more private side of things. We are all fathers, suns and professionals with a lot of other interests after all on top of our job. So thanks for the invite James. It made me think as well. I posted on my blog but this is what it looks like
1. I grow my own tomatoes and courgettes – which are by far the most easy things to grow, I know - but give me time and I can show I have real green hands
2. I almost ended up as a professional musician flute player – life would have been different. After university I actually used to play in an Irish folk band . My PR people told me to take that off my Bio because not cool and hip. What the heck do they know about modern Irish folk?
3. When I was young I spent most of my free time & summers on a farm next doors. I love riding tractors – or was that just a kids' thing ? If we would have more than one life I’d be a farmer in my second one.
4. I have been in the military service as a Lieutenant. It was a great waste of time but at least I have some nice memories and learned something I use every day: sometimes it is better to just shut up and swallow the shit. And: no you don’t have to have an opinion every single minute of the day.
5. I do love cooking. And I do clean the kitchen afterwards. A B&B in my third life ?
6. I hate making choices. I just want A regular coffee at Starbucks, A pair of running shoes, A camera that shoots pictures – why do we need to make 30 different choices for everything we do in life?
7. I try to break the rules & conventions in discrete ways. So let’s stick to 7 random things instead of 8.

James Cherkoff

Hey that's great Marc. You've had an interesting time! I also am looking to get moving with some tomato growing. Any tips? ;-)

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