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Graham Hill


How true. Lego and a number of other organisations have transformed their fortunes by co-creating the future with customers at their side. But it isn't just as simple as giving customers the opportunity to hand over their two penneth. The real challenge as you point out is in building the plumbing to turn customers' insights into rapid action.

I wonder whether Dell and Starbucks, both of whom have drifted badly as a result of their chronic ignoring of customers, really have built the ideas-into-action plumbing they need to profit from co-creation. Someohow, I doubt it.

I wonder how Chris Lawer is doing with his research into the capabilities of co-creation?

Graham Hill
Independent CRM Consultant
Interim CRM Manager

James Cherkoff

Thanks Graham. Anyone can smoke but will you inhale?! ;-)

Yes, maybe we should organise another fine lunch and ask Chris to update us?

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