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david cushman

Great post. Thanks - looks like a case of not making money with content, but making money because of it.

James Cherkoff

Thanks David, indeed, The Doc's 'Because Effects' come to mind.

Mike West

More companies are now viewing web 2.0 and social networking as complimentary to other marketing activity. Some are using Facebook and MySpace for targeted, cost effective, consumer research that feeds into their new product development process. Others like Starbucks and Dell are using web 2.0 to improve customer loyalty and engagement. Both may not generate new cash but they have the potential to save companies a bundle.


I so agree with this and have been thinking the same recently what with the peristent headlines about it. I'd bet that most businesses would kill for the employees to earnings ratio that the likes of Facebook operate at.

James Cherkoff

Hi Neil, yes, the media badly wants Bubble 2.0 but it's hard to substantiate. There are plenty of web ideas that won't fly but this time around they only cost a few thousand dollars to get going....

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