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This is very, very, true. The elements of what makes a good open source brand (in the sense of your manifestos), go directly against the traditional ad/marketing industry paradigm. They remove the need for a lot of the early stage creative work.

If you allow your customers to tell your brand story for you and to become your brand, the creative role becomes one of a yacht helmsman: You are steering the ship, but you are doing this within the boundaries of the what the wind and tide are doing. Trad-ad companies are used to sitting behind the wheel of a large diesel engined sunseeker gin-palace, point and open the throttle.

I can't see that many of the old-hand creative directors/agencies being able to relinquish control of the the process enough to allow open source branding to work for them.

This is why I was so surprised when you announced that the digital divide was closed.

James Cherkoff

Rory, you are right. The old creative directors/agencies can't. But we are now starting to see that the new ones can. Albeit early days.

Oh definitely, and many of these new agencies are started by the enlightened members of the big agencies who have left out of frustration: TAG, Grand Union, Blast Radius, etc.

But whilst these guys are good, I think very few people have really understood the medium of the internet as yet.

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