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Rebecca Caroe

Spot on the mark!
this is (for me) the major reason why organisations who think in terms of "campaigns" will find it difficult to harness the opportunities in Social Media. A campaign is a one-off that drives a sales blip which is repeated with another one-off.

Social media rewards your ripples and pebbles and drives conversations that CONTINUE.

Campaigns must die. They are the reason most large organisations won't move into conversational marketing.

Rebecca Caroe

james governor

ummm. tell it to twitter!

James Cherkoff

Thanks Rebecca. Yep, the campaign mentality is so deeply set into the industry it might take a while to kill off! ;-)

Hi James, I hear you, but this is more about brands operating effectively in networks than start-up growing pains.

Brad Bell

I believe the (even) bigger challenge for commercial brands and conversational marketing is this: they have nothing to talk about. Fizzy sugar water. Household cleanser. Tastes great. Less filling.

I come from the charity world, which makes this obvious. Charities have something to talk about: changing the world. It's a conversation that can go on for a long time.

Unfortunately, charities have traditionally followed in the footsteps of commercial brands. I'd like to convince charities that their natural affinity for internet media makes them the new leaders.

Think peace talks, not wars.

(I invoke the militaristic language of traditional marketing ;-)

James Cherkoff

Thanks Brad, great analysis as ever....

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