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Charles Frith

Totally agree with the end quote. Nice to be able to access your blog now that I'm out of China for a while too :)

James Cherkoff

Thanks Charles. What's happening beyond the Great Firewall then? Anything of particular interest?


Hi James. Sad to have missed you yesterday - I caught that last quote too (and stuck it on the blog). That was my quote of the evening.

James Cherkoff

Hi Neil, yes sorry to miss you too. Yes, it was a lovely response and had special resonance coming from a man who has given the world so much. Impressively humble fellow I thought...

Charles Frith

Just catching up on comments. I'm in the U.S. for a bit James. But China is fascinating. A country in transition for sure.

James Cherkoff

Sounds amazing from your blog. Love to hear about it first hand when you get back.

Linda Macdonald

Berners-Lee, I'm sure, will be revered in history the same way Einstein or Darwin have come to be seen. I read the post today, at the end of 2010, just stumbling upon it and realised that his insight is so true and so valuable.

James Cherkoff

Hi Linda, yes he really is an amazing, modest individual. I've seen him speak twice and when he drops in the phrase - 'When I created the web', a little shiver does go down one's spine. The other thing I noted about him was what a good communicator he is - no techno-speak at all. A real inspiration.

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