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Poor Thinkbox are stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Also add there's the third element too - mobile device which makes all media potentially interactive.

James Cherkoff

Thanks Eaon, indeed, but they don't seem to making it any easier for themselves...

James you asked me if I could think about a guest post, and you have actually touched on one of the topics I was considering.

I think that increasingly 90+% of a strong online marketing campaign will be conducted offline.

The other one I was considering was "word of moth marketing" something I saw mentioned recently and I think it could be the next big thing. I didn't read in detail, just saw the reference to it. I presume this must be similar to the old technique, back in my study days, of recording your revision notes on a tape and playing them to yourself on a walkman (now I am showing my age: tape, wow how retro-chic) in your sleep.

Using moths to subliminally influence people's purchasing decisions, its genius. This is a ubiquitous broadcast mechanism which no-one seems to have exploited. You could even get them to chew brand messaging into peoples' best cashmere jumpers.

James Cherkoff

Love it! ;-)

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