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Rory MacDonald

Oh please don't start on the Apple worship. I get enough of this on other marketing blogs. Here is my experience of Apple's networked media strategy:

Many, many people who bought an iMac between 2004-2006 will know about the vertical lines issue: single pixles of cyan, magenta or yellow stretching across the screen and refusing to budge. (just search Google or YouTube, there are many, many entries). These lovely lines also seem to appear just after the warrantee runs out: no Applecare contract = unlucky = £600+ screen replacement.

The fact that Apple's own message boards filled up with nearly 1000 (and that is a conservative guess) "me too" messages, didn't make them think 'ah, there is clearly a quality control issue here, we ought to sort these loyal customers out.'

They just deleted any messages referring to the problem from their site. Resulting in customers who were using Apple's channels to communicate a problem, simply creating their own hate sites. And someone successfully suing them in the French courts.

And here is the best bit: not only did they delete all the comments about the problem, they didn't even read them first. One of them actually told people about a piece of free software for controlling the fan speeds, which sorts the problem out.

Don't talk to me about Apples online media strategy.

James Cherkoff

All fair points Rory, but iTunes is still a killer business - in more ways than one.

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