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Rebecca Caroe

Rory - you are spot on the money with this post! Thanks James for hosting it.

I work doing biz dev with agencies and it pains me to say that the highest number of unsubscribes I get for my information come from people at big OTL agencies.

However, the bit that I really do not yet understand is why the Direct Marketing tribe are also doing the head-in-sand act.

They are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the person-to-person communication opportunities that are available online, since they understand how direct messaging works - and yet they do not seem to be moving from their historical positioning.

My view is that dinosaurs will die, support those who recognise a change is needed and offer lots of lovely free advice on blogs like this so that those who can read the signs will jump ship and go work for an agency that is alert to the possibilities of conversational marketing.

Rory MacDonald

Thanks Rebecca

I agree that some of the talent and skillsets in the DM industry would be well placed to take advantage of this, but the industry as a whole just don't really get it. Lets face it, very few people _really_ get it.

DM is still largely a push media, it is a one to many broadcast mechanism (I'll wait for the flaming on that comment).

As for the dinosaurs I don't think that they will die completely. As with the LT impact of Free Culture in the software market, evolution will leave us with a few big ugly reptiles that you wouldn't want to argue with. But there will also be plenty of people, in the crowd that moved on, wearing crocodile shoes.

Interesting one I have just read, Stanford and Harvard have both just added "Fighting Open Source" to their B-school curriculum. Lessons in how to turn your successful company into an attractive handbag?

Rebecca Caroe

I presume that Harvard also has Jonathan Schwartz, the Sun CEO's correspondence with the Securities and Exchange Commission via his blog on their must-read list!

Rebecca CAroe

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