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Rory MacDonald

'broadband and broadcasting are the same thing'
Maybe I am taking this out of context, but WHAT????

The rest of what you have summarised sounds 'inspired' as you say:
(Viewing 'content', 'tools' and 'services' in the loosest possible context), I particularly like:
'content plus tools' that allow citizens to 'create services of their own design'.

This is a freeculture vision. However, this vision requires 'broadcasters' to accept a major
rethink content licensing to accommodate it.

James Cherkoff

Yes, yes, I know. It's soundbite heaven. But coming from a Grand Fromage of UK TV it sounded quite radical. And let's face it post iPlayer the notion that TV on your PC might be popular is hardly controversial. The best part of the talk was its rantiness. Safe to say the man's not a fan of ISPs.

I think it's interesting because C4 isn't going to go bust. But it's right in the heart of the storm and how it proceeds will be interesting. Duncan clearly sees Digital Britain as a major turning point.

Rory MacDonald

Personally, i reckon Channel 4 would make a prime target for a Fox buyout.
(You heard it here first).

James Cherkoff

LOL ;-)

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