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Roger, Online PR Agency, C&M

Top post James. How do you see media brands getting the right handle on the data - where's the point of measurement? My guess is this will be a headache for some time to come... you can't just measure the telly (or any single channel), but what's the point of aggregation and who owns the advertising service / 'scrapbook' as you say...? The MySpace measurement stuff you mention looks interesting.... makes my head bobble a bit though : )


Wow great article thanks for sharing. Saw it on Twitter.


For media and for everything else. Whats even more interesting is that Social/Community sites built around certain subject matter, topics, lifestyle, or careers are now finding they can sell their users data, not only what people say they like, but what they are willing to take money out of their wallets for. These sites are now selling this information to key players in the stock market. With this information they can see where the money is flowing before companies even close the books for the quarter.

James Cherkoff

Thanks for the comments chaps.

Roger, the whole area makes your head spin, but it's where the real problems and therefore opportunities lie. It might be one of the *big* areas that gets sorted out during the downturn.

Thanks for stopping by Evan.

Hey Jason, very interesting. So is that real-time branding?

Brad Bell

"This makes it possible to measure the popularity of content as it’s plucked from mainstream sources and stuck into digital scrapbooks around the world."

The quote above links to an article about Auditude, which, quite frankly, sounds like we have the technology to open up the world to recombinant media again. As you will recall, we collectively put an end to recombinant audio like hip hop by making sampling so expensive and risky that people stopped doing it. (Today instead of hip hop, we have rap. Blah.)

With Auditude, it sounds like underground artists like AK_Alias - http://vimeo.com/1723070 - for example, could not only move above ground, but conceivably even get paid, providing a valuable commercial service advertising old media. Fantastic!

Implicitly this also means before long we will be able to search for every incidence of a phrase like, "We know the WMDs are there," ever broadcast anywhere, whether for art or simply gathering evidence.

*Way* more important than measuring eyeballs and setting ad rates :-)

James Cherkoff

Great stuff Brad, I can always rely on you to get to the heart of the matter!

Your point that the law needs to alter is spot on. I'm sure it will take forever, but it does seem that the legal shackles are at least being loosened, if not removed.

And it's always good to be reminded that the web isn't just a big media machine.... ;-)

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