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Linda Macdonald

Interestingly, with the US introduction of Google TV, the new Apple TV box and others, the only blockers seem to be protectionism by the old guard TV producers who want too much control over content, plus the fact that nobody has made a networked TV viewing experience that is as comfortable as flicking through channels, like on a regular TV. I suppose the user needs to jump from wanting a clear layout of channels, even if they don't ever watch the programmes at the original broadcast time thanks to recording and on demand, to almost an object oriented approach, where they can search by genre, recommendations in their social media group, or other influences not previously active in this space.

James Cherkoff

Thanks Linda, yes it's all very interesting at the moment. One way to view it is that the massive cable channel packages are going to be unbundled just as the CD was, so that people can choose just what they want. As you say, 'object-oriented' TV programming. I've written up a few thought about Google TV here...



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