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Jim Boulton

Sounds like your uncle had it right, working both the monetary and social currency markets. Of course the two have always been linked, but as our behaviour is increasingly transparent and our reputations only a Google search away, a decent dose of Whuffie is a pre-requisite to successful business. And hallelujah to that.

PS You're going to find yourself spending 13 years in the pawn shop unit if you carry on "following the money" - watch yourself, you feel me?

James Cherkoff

Mos def.

Mark Downson

This is one of the most amazing stories I have ever known regarding an Uncle started his entrepreneurial career in pyjamas.

Kepp blogging man^^


James Cherkoff

Thanks Mark! ;-)

Good stuff, It might just work, although it seems easier when you have a plan.
I discovered your homepage by coincidence.

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