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Aaron Savage

You know something James, I don’t think it has ever been more appropriate for a person with an idea to stand on their own and send it to market without the comfort of a big organisation behind them. Barriers to entry that existed in the past just are not there anymore and all too often that big comfortable parent is woefully out of touch with what is happening around them. I feel very sorry for your friend but can sympathise completely. I wasted over a year with agencies before I finally came to the conclusion that I knew more about things than they did and it was a waste of time trying to convince them. Sod all this Trotskyite change from within bollox. This is a time for the ‘Marxist Marketeer’. Viva la revolution, my friend.

I look back now at the past few years and see only wasted time whereas charting my own course has left me with a better quality of life and less stress. Actually it isn't completely wasted and its all a journey to prepare you for the time when you stand alone. I just wish I had learned more faster and had the guts to do it sooner.

James Cherkoff

I love that Aaron. You have to do the hard bits to appreciate the good bits eh?

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