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Hamlton Wallace

I had to smile at your humility at the end: "Please give us another chance." And your honesty. As an industry we probably do owe our clients an apology for being slow to transition into all things digital. We followed instead of leading. And you are very right, this time it is different.

James Cherkoff

Thanks Hamilton, why do you think it will be different this time?

Michael West

Great post!

From my experience over the last 6-9 months major clients have significantly reduced marketing spend and subsequently media integration. One challenge client’s face is they still measure ROI per unique channel, i.e. Direct Mail, TV, Press, Search and usually have no reliable way measure the full effect of digital integration, i.e. the spillover from one channel to another. The Finance team says "the search channel delivers new customers for £5, so why are we paying £150 per new customer for those digital banners, let's cut the investment". However, it’s the banners driving the awareness and consideration! When you can measure the results for integrated campaigns then you can share the data and breakdown the silo's within the agency and with the client too.

James Cherkoff

Thanks Michael, I think you are bang on when it comes to the thorny issue of measurement across channels. The whole industry is still completely siloed and agencies look to sell clients on their bit of the pie. And the metrics support and sustain this. In my experience, the big networks and agencies like to talk integration but the reality is very different. Feels like it needs a BIG jolt to change it. Will this recession be it? I somehow don't think so.

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