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Alastair Duncan

Very good observations JC.

James Cherkoff

Thanks Alastair, see you soon.

Rory MacDonald

"And who can argue with that?"

Is that a challenge?

Admittedly I am one of those geeks, but anyway, I cannot help but find the whole thing creepy. Not the basic concept, that is fantastic. But ownership. Someone else owning your baby photos and the chats you have with friends about them. Someone else owning the chats that sort out meeting up with friends at the weekend.

There used to be a time when Orwell's vision of 1984 invoked fear, was dystopian even. It involved totalitarian repression, but in actual fact people are rushing headlong to sign up the dictator of Oceania to their list of friends. You couldn't make it up if you tried (I did say, I am one of those geeks).

No James, you are right, at this stage I cannot precisely define what or how it could go wrong. But I think the opportunities for abuse, on so many levels, are too great.

I predict some horrific scare stories and the web 2.0 equivalent of a bank run. Yes, Facebook is currently the beneficiary of the herd mentality, but herding is a dangerous game if you get on the wrong side of a stampede.

You sign up for an account, fine, but ask yourself this: would you invest your life savings in Facebook?
Would you invest even 25% of your kid's (kids'?) education fund into Facebook?

I am not saying you wouldn't. I am just saying I wouldn't.

Another interesting one (kind of on topic) that I got from a blog that I think you pointed me to in the past:

James Cherkoff

Thanks Rory.

But 300 million people can't be wrong. Can they?

I completely agree that a single, unforeseen slip whereby a poor Grandmother in Wyoming finds that the photo album of her twelve grandchildren is appearing on an API-driven ad network, promoting chlorine flavoured milk formula to Nigerian children is perfectly possible.

However, if it did, would my buddy Mark care? Do you know what? I doubt he'd even look up from his ale.

I think it's interesting that geeks/early adopters hold such suspicion of FB but that sentiment hasn't been picked up by the mass market. Indeed, now FB is one of the most trusted brands in America!

Maybe Zuckerberg is the new Bill Gates after all...

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