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Columbus DJ

Wow... I haven't heard about this... is there anything that Google isn't getting into? They are sure insulating themselves against a downturn (if there ever is one), in the search engine business... but I guess to a large extent, all of their businesses are reliant on their search engine.

James Cherkoff

Yes I think that's right, Google TV is really Search for TV Content.

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It's just my opinion, but I believe we are headed to a very Googalized society. Google are slowly taking over every possible media channel that controls our attention and I really can't see any serious competitors trying to stop them.

At the end of the day, any medium where they can display Ads means money, so good on them for their forward thinking.

James Cherkoff

Having just moved onto Chrome & G-Reader to accompany my Android phone, I'm very tempted to agree with you. However, I'm in a niche. Also, the rise of Facebook as an advertising platform to threaten Google's core revenues and Apple's following of mega-fans may balance things out somewhat.

Thanks for your comment, although I'm confused by your 'name'. Are you working for Google?

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