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Jon Howard

Amen indeed. Been there many times. And it's often the digital agencies who do nothing to curb a client's excessive enthusiasm that you want to have a word with. But who can blame them I guess - got to make your money why you can!

James Cherkoff

Thanks Jon. As you say, it's hard to blame the digital agencies. Everyone is pitching to brands. However, the mystery of SSS is that hard-headed brand executives sign up for digital communications channels without thought to the audience or user.

Maybe Steve Jobs really does have a Reality Distortion Field... ;-)


Brad Bell

"Companies and brands who in the morning were waterboarding their above-the-line media agencies in a vat of latte to drive their TV spots harder..."

:-) Good one.

On the one hand, the figurative use of 'waterboarding' should be encouraged for the sake of memory, guilt and humour. I want to use it. On the other hand, I tried ironically employing the word 'evil' when G.W. Bush was elected and it backfired. At first it was ironic, humorous, folksy nonsense. Over time, the humour fell away. Eventually, I started to think of it like a real word that referred to actual people. And I began to wonder if - in the fight against evil - enhanced interrogation techniques were really so bad after all.

James Cherkoff

Hey Brad...point taken. ;-)

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