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Katie @ SM Workshop

I heard Facebook is thinking of introducing a credit type system where you can charge an account for "stuff" and pay later. The web is creating crazy possibilities!

Dara Bell

Hi Katie,

Ironically these people are very smart. Theres a TED talk that says if you could tap the problem solving abilities of social gamers you can solve lots of real world problems.

Climate Change could be licked in a few months if millions of people were not going onto such sites.

Its a sort of apathy.

I think in the 80's when I was growing up we played a fair ammount of Tekkan, Donkey Kong etc but there was alot of oil back then, no climate change.

This is human potential wasted.

Those are my thoughts. I personally am only ever going to slot technology around my life never let it dictate my life.


James Cherkoff

Thanks Katie, yes I think FB is being really creative in the social shopping area...

Hey Dara, I don't quite follow - you think social gaming is a bad thing?

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