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Brad Bell

Great post, James!

I haven't flipped thru Campaign in a while, but what you are describing sounds like the crunching and grinding of the machine-age religion of Specialization.

We can guess that in the same way specialization is an adaptation to the assembly line, generalization is an adaptation to the network. The computer is a machine that can simulate any machine. The network is a medium that can simulate any medium. Where the factory and assembly line, and the explosion of analog data made specialists of us, the computer and network, and the explosion of digital data encourage us to be generalists: multidisciplinary and multi-skilled.

In the future, generalists will market with integrated media, instead of specialists trying to integrate mass media. Integrated media is what happens when business stops putting the brakes on media convergence and network capacity.

James Cherkoff

Thanks Brad, love that.

Mindset Marketing

Thanks for a great post. very informative. I totally agree with you, having is the right mindset is most important of all. I Have already shared this post with a few of my friends and they loved it.

James Cherkoff

Hi there MM, glad you found it helpful.

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