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Joe Hoyle

Brilliantly insightful article, James. Surf's up!

James Cherkoff

Thanks Joe, happy new year to you and yours.... ;-)

Dara Bell

Hi James,

Great article. I think these changes seems to irking people if you read Campaign.

I personally think getting your hands dirty now is the best bet, rapid experimentation with mobile including location based softeware. Also similar with with cloud would be a winning strategy. Not sure cloud will be tht big in 2011 though.

I suppose mobile will be the big one this year, mind you we always do well in UK with keeping up do date with mobile developments oftentimes leading the way. Judging by the number of conferences on Foursquare and Gowalla and mobile in general last year I think we will mop up in location too.

All the best


James Cherkoff

Thanks Dara, very kind sir. Interesting times eh?

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