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Dara Bell


Your argument is good but what about Social Media overload. Tools loke Ping Fm and others that allow you to update your networks are avaliable but what about having to post on all of them. I was early on the Brotiish SM networks, then on American ones so I have few know. I don't think the consumer can scale.


James Cherkoff

Thanks Dara, I agree, it can all be a bit overwhelming. I think there will be lots of services coming forward that help people integrate their online identities.

Sherman Unkefer

Every few months, new sites and new tools are coming in to make you say those words but based on my experience, people tend to understand that the reason why these sites or tolls came up is because people need some upgrade also like our computers. We can't go on sticking to the old Pentium or Athlon processors, we need to have hyper threading processors with bigger RAM and a very expensive video card to play the latest games. We are not playing with brick games anymore.:)

James Cherkoff

Hey thanks Sherman. Interesting point. So you think we are just getting used to more and more web services and don't feel overwhelmed...?

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