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'like soldiers hiding in the jungle, unaware that the war has ended and the world has moved on.'
Nice analogy, I may repeat that.
Hope you are well. E.

James Cherkoff

Feel free Eaon... ;-)

Richard Goutal

It occurs to me that entrepreneurs need a niche to be seen and heard. They need a "long tail" to be found ... and to be vital. So while it is true that the silos are not that by which marketing decisions should be made, it is also true that generalists are largely unsuccessful in marketing their services unless they have come up with a USP that again allows them to stand out above the rest.

I also wish the Twitter specialist luck. But more, I wish him good collaborative thinking, where he takes his special ability and openly collaborates with other media sectors, knowing you can't be good at everything, so collaboration is a survivalist necessity.

John Natoli

In marketing just as in the real ocean, a large ship may be temporarily steered by a local pilot who is intimately familiar with the harbor it is entering, to ensure safe travel.

James Cherkoff

Thanks Richard, 'collaboration is a survivalist necessity' - love that...

Thanks John, very nicely put.

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