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Dear future marketers, please do not use big data to find more clever ways of advertising. Please use it to create a more useful product. It would seem likely that advertising is the product of analog media and a scarcity of communications media. At a certain point, it becomes redundant.

Google's targeting is now so good it backfires. I am slammed continuously on YouTube with a banner ad for a charity which it rightly connects me with. I don't know how it knows. However, the constant whack a mole with banner ads means I find the organisation really irritating. The targeting is too good for the frequency. It's like a sniper shooting somebody right between the eyes, over and over and over again.

Would you consider Siri a product of big data, James? From what I know of it, it sounds like the kind of thing that at least makes it possible to imagine why advertising would become redundant, ie. you can discover what you want, and get what you want, when you want it. You no longer need your unconscious mind battered with repetitive, interruptive, background messaging for months in the event that one day, you will be standing in an isle looking blankly at rows of sanitary napkins, thinking "The one on the left reminds me of bicycles."

From what I understand Siri is a less about speech recognition and more about the artificial intelligence that interprets the meaning of speech in the context of all information about the user and their current situation - in the bigger context of Siri users nationally and globally. Siri is essentially a big data community brain dump in the sky that learns.

James Cherkoff

Hey Brad, to be honest I struggle to define what is and is not within the world of Big Data. It basically seems if it's connected it's Big Data. Which means that it's unfathomably vast and diverse.

Very interesting what you say about Siri. I hadn't heard about it's aggregating context. It strikes me that it's a really helpful way to help navigate, and as you say, does suggest that there will be less opportunities to place ads.

Illuminating as ever, thanks Brad... ;-)

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