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Tim Kitchin


Very timely post. Get this question a lot, and have been thinking about it.

I totally agree that digital strategy is context dependent. Merely choosing the right digital channel-mix to push out your pre-determined marketing messages is not digital strategy...

Gather together a group of IT professionals and it will be about automating the dataflows an enterprise needs to become more market responsive. Fill a room with marketers and it will be about connecting better with customers (or supporters). Find yourself some PR people and it will be about leveraging community through mutual online influence. For customer service teams it's about enabling people to problem-solve for themselves.

For me the things that cuts through these and other incarnations of digital strategy is that digital is always about using Information Communications Technology to reach its long-term goals. The clue is in the acronym.

Digital, as ICT is just a shorthand for anything that is fundamentally about enabling and automating "Connection". When it becomes strategic, this connectivity links processes, people AND organisational purpose to each other, to generate sustainable and by definition, brandable value.

So if your "Connectivity" is not contributing to your brand, and consistent with that brand, it's not strategic.

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